Vast Compensation Opportunities

Recognizing and rewarding achievement is the cornerstone of our compensation philosophy. We offer a wide range of opportunities for associates to expand their earning potential. We are proud to offer one of the most competitive total earnings models in the industry.  

Base Product Fees and Commissions  

Financial professionals earn compensation based on fees and commissions from new business and existing business: 

  • Includes product-specific first-year and renewal commissions, trails, service fees and bonuses, or fees from planning and asset sales.
  • Vesting is available based on tenure, lifetime production and contract type. 
  • EPG members receive enhanced AXA Network payouts.

Production Opportunity Payment (POP) Program

POP is a pay-for-performance strategy with a focus on rewarding and encouraging growth.

  • Available to all non-financed, non-managerial financial professionals (automatic participation).
  • Expressed as a percentage of production credits (PCs), with a wide range of payout rates based on defined production levels.
  • Percentage earned is based on new business sales activity over the previous 12 months; recognizes and rewards continued strong performance.  
  • A minimum production threshold is required to be eligible for cash payment, but all POP earned is available to offset charges for support provided by AXA Network (SPAN) expenses.  
  • For PPG members who achieve at least 250,000 PC’s by the end of a calendar year, there will be a true-up of gross POP to reflect the POP rate achieved at year-end for any prior month during which the POP rate was lower. 

Associate Equity Program 

  • This program recognizes outstanding sales performance by offering financial professionals the opportunity to earn equity grants based on production, assets under management and career achievement milestones.  
  • The AXA options grants awarded under the program have a 10-year term and become 100% vested on the fourth anniversary of the grant date.

Variable Deferred Compensation Plan

To highly productive financial professionals, AXA Financial offers a variable deferred compensation plan. The plan provides you with the opportunity to increase tax-deferred savings beyond what you are currently able to contribute to the Investment Plan. Each year during the enrollment period, if you have met certain earnings thresholds, you are given the opportunity to defer compensation for the following plan year. 

  • Open to PPG members who reach a threshold level of qualifying production determined annually.  
  • Can defer up to 100% of benefits-eligible commissions. 
  • Choose from 50 earnings crediting options to determine the rate of return to be credited on cash deferrals.  
  • Elect to receive payment of the account at or after retirement or at an earlier date selected. 

AXA Advisors is an equal opportunity employer.  M/F/D/V